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(I) COST2100 - fully refereed papers

1. Ruiyuan Tian, Vanja Plicanic, Buon Kiong Lau, Jonas Langbacka, Zhinong Yin - MIMO Performance of Diversity-Rich Compact Six-Port Dielectric Resonator Antenna Arrays in Measured Indoor Environments at 2.65 GHz

2. Ali Imran Najam, Yvan Duroc, Smail Tedjini - UWB MIMO Antenna with Reduced Mutual Coupling

3. Raffaele D'Errico, Alain Sibille - Mutual coupling in UWB compact arrays

4. Tim Brown, Patrick C. F. Eggers, Gert F. Pedersen - Analysis of user impact on interference between two 4x4 MIMO links at 5 GHz

5. Naoki Honma, Kentaro Nishimori - Antenna Technologies for Compact MIMO Terminals

(II) COST ASSIST - solicited papers

1. Marek E. Bialkowski, Pawel Kabacik, Robert Hossa - Multiple Element Antenna Design Considerations for Compact Multiband Wireless Transceivers [Presentation Slides]

2. David Sánchez Hernández, Juan F. Valenzuela-Valdés - Demystifying MIMO in practice   

3. Marco Donald Migliore - The role of the degrees of freedom of the field in unconditionally secure wireless communications

4. Jan Carlsson, Kristian Karlsson, Nima Jamaly, Per-Simon Kildal - Analysis and Optimization of Multi-Port Antennas by using Circuit Simulation and Embedded Element Patterns from Full-Wave Simulation

5. Mats Andersson, C. Orlenius, M. Franzén - Fast, Repeatable and Cost Effective Multi-Antenna Measurements Using Single or Dual Reverberation Chambers