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TDs 11th MCM - Aalborg - TD(10)11001-TD(10)11020

TD(10) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
11001 Room Electromagnetics Applied to an Aircraft Cabin with Passengers J. Bach Andersen, AAL
G.Frølund Pedersen, AAL
Kin Lien Chee, TUBS
Martin Jacob,TUBS
Thomas Kürner, TUBS
2 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Propagation Parameters Estimation
11002 A Model to Evaluate Vertical Handovers on JRMM A. Serrador, IST-TUL
L. Correia, IST-TUL
3 Heterogeneous Networks
Radio Resource Management
Traffic & Mobility Modelling and Prediction
11003 Mutual Coupling in Multipath Simulator Antenna Array and its Impact on Measurement Accuracy P. Hallbjörner, SPEL
Jan Welinder, SPEL
T. Bolin, Sony Ericsson
2.2 Antenna Coupling/Array Effects
Antenna Measurements
Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
11004 Decentralized Call Admission Control Auto-tuning for UTRAN Michał Wągrowski, AGH
Wiesław Ludwin, AGH
3.1 Dynamic Network Reconfigurability
Measurement Based Optimisation
Radio Resource Management
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols
Traffic & Mobility Modelling and Prediction
11005 On the Impact of Receive Antenna Height in a LTE-Advanced Relaying Scenario Q. Hien Chu, FTRD
J. Conrat, FTRD
J. Cousin, Télécom
2 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
11006 Ultrawideband Pulse Correlation and Distance Error Estimation R. Cepeda, TRL
M. Beach, Bristol
J. McGeehan, TRL
2.1 Channel Sounding
Theory of Propagation
11007 Characterization of WiMAX propagation in microcellular and picocellular environments M. Barbiroli, UniBO
C. Carciofi, FUB
V. Degli Esposti, UniBO
F. Fuschini, UniBO
P. Grazioso, FUB
D. Guiducci, FUB
D. Robalo, UBI
F. Velez, UBI
2 Ray Tracing/Launching
Test beds, Trials and Measurements
11008 Capacity Evaluation with Limited Feedback for Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Channels at 2.35 GHz C. Huang, BUPT
J. Zhang, BUPT
X. Nie, BUPT
L. Sun, BUPT
2 Channel Measurements
MIMO Capacity
11009 A Dynamic 60 GHz Radio Channel Model for System Level Simulations with MAC Protocols for IEEE 802.11ad Martin Jacob, TUBS
C. Mbianke, TUBS
T. Kürner, TUBS
2 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Millimetre Waves
11010 Contaminated Areas Monitoring via Distributed Rateless Coding with Constrained Data Gatherin C. Stefanovic, UniNS
V. Crnojevic, UniNS D. Vukobratovic, UniNS
L. Niccolai, UniFI
F. Chiti, UniFI
R. Fantacci, UniFI
3 Ad-Hoc Networks
LDPC Codes
Wireless Sensor Networks
11011 Unequal Error Protection Random Linear Coding for Multimedia Communications  D. Vukobratovic, UniNS
V.Stankovic, Univ. of Strathclyde 
B FEC Coding
Hybrid Cellular & Broadcast Networks
Network Coding 
11012 A multi-link extension of the COST2100 MIMO channel model  L. Liu, UCL
J. Poutanen, Aalto
K. Haneda, Aalto
P. Vainikainen, Aalto
F. Tufvesson, Lund
C. Oestges, UCL
 2.3 Channel Modelling 
11013 3-D body scattering interference to on-body propagation with polarized point source  L. Liu, UCL
F. Keshmiri, UCL
D. De Doncker, ULB
C. Craeye, UCL
C. Oestges, UCL
Body Area Networks
Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling 
11014 Evaluation of a Double Frequency Reuse Scheme for Femtocells  Yoram Haddad, JCT
Dana Porrat, HUJI
3 Radio Planning
Radio Spectrum/Interference
11015 PUCCO Radio Measurement Campaign  Pat Chambers, UCL
P. Castiglione, FTW
Lingfeng Liu, UCL
F. Mani, UCL
F. Quitin, UCL-ULB
O. Renaudin, UCL
F. Sanchez, FTW
Nicolai Czink, FTW
C. Oestges, UCL
 2 Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
MIMO Systems
Multiuser Detection (MUD) 
11016 Multiple Symbol Detection for OFDM-MFSK-based modulation schemes  M. Wetz, Uulm
Nadja Lux, Uulm
Werner G. Teich, Uulm
Jurgen Lindner, Uulm
1 Iterative (Turbo) Techniques
Multicarrier Techniques 
11018 PHY standardization for BAN  Arie Reichman, Ruppin  1
Body Area Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks 
11019 Double Directional Radio Propagation Measurements and Radio Channel Modelling Pertunent to Mobile MIMO Communications in Microcells  R. Bultitude, CRC
G. S. Dahman, Carleton Uni
R. H.M.Hafez, Carleton Uni
Hong Zhu, CRC
2 Antenna Signal Processing
Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Channel Sounding
MIMO Systems
Propagation Parameters Estimation 
11020 A study on polarimetric properties of scattering from building walls E. Vitucci, UniBO
F. Mani, UCL
V. Degli-Esposti, UniBO
C. Oestges, UCL
2 Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
MIMO Systems
Ray Tracing/Launching
Theory of Propagation