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TDs 10th MCM - Athens - TD(10)10001-TD(10)10020

TD(10) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
10001 Evaluation of Diffuse Scattering Contribution in Office Scenario  Francesco Mani, UCL Claude Oestges, UCL 2.3 Channel Modelling
Propagation Parameters Estimation
Ray Tracing/Launching 
10002 Antennas for Body Area Network Communications  K.Y. Yazdandoost, NICT
Kiyoshi Hamaguchi,
E Antenna Design
Body Area Networks 
10003 A Spatio-Temporal Channel Model for Modeling the Diffuse Multipath Component in Indoor Environments  François Quitin, ULB Claude Oestges, UCL François Horlin, ULB Philippe De Doncker, ULB 2.3 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Channel Sounding 
10004 Trade-off between capacity gain and fairness gain in small cells using Coordinated Transmission  Virgile Garcia, INSA Nikolai Lebedev, INSA  Jean-Marie Gorce, INSA
3 Cognitive Radio
Radio Resource Management
Virtual MIMO 
10005 Multiband Simultaneous Reception Front-End with Adaptive Mismatches Correction Algorithm  I.Burciu, INSA G.Villemaud, INSA J.Verdier, INSA 1 Adaptive Techniques
Cognitive Radio
Radio Spectrum/Interference
RF System Aspects 
10006 Asymptotic models and curved surfaces: application to railway transportation  Emilie Masson, INRETS
C Channel Modelling
Ray Tracing/Launching
Theory of Propagation 
10007 Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for UWB Time of Arrival Estimation in Multipath Conditions  Yochay Lustmann, HUJI
Dana Porrat,
2.1 Channel Measurements
Theory of Propagation 
10008 Impact of realistic MIMO physical layer on video transmission over mobile Ad Hoc network  W. Hamidouche UniPO
R. Vauzelle UniPO
C. Olivier UniPO
Yannis Pousset UniPO Clency Perrine UniPO 
Ad-Hoc Networks
MIMO Systems
Ray Tracing/Launching
10009 60 GHz channel sounding based on frequency-modulated-continuous-wave techniques  A.P. G. Ariza, Ilmut Stuart Feeney, UniDur  Sana Salous, UniDur  Reiner Thomä, Ilmut 2 Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
Millimetre Waves 
10011 Looking for an Efficient Routing Method for IEEE 802.11e Ad Hoc Networks  João Ferro, UBI
Orlando Cabral,
UBI Fernando Velez, UBI
3 Ad-Hoc Networks
Cross-layer Design
MAC and Routing Protocols 
10012 Detection of Water Accumulation in the Human Bladder with Ultra Wideband Radar Xuyang Li, UKARL
Elena Pancera,
UKARL Lukasz Zwirello, UKARL Huaming Wu, UKARL Thomas Zwick, UKARL
2.1 RF System Aspects
UWB Systems 
10013 Description of the August 2009 Car-to-Car Radio Channel Measurement Campaign  Olivier Renaudin, UCL V.-Matti Kolmonen, TKK
Pertti Vainikainen, TKK
Claude Oestges, UCL
C Channel Measurements 
10014 Average Downstream Performance of Measured IEEE 802.11p Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Links  A. Paier, VUT
Roland Tresch, FTW Arrate, Alonso, VUT
D. Smely Kapsch TrafficCom
P. Meckel, ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
Yi, Zhou, Tongji Univ.
Nicolai, Czink, FTW 
C Test beds, Trials and Measurements 
10015 Multi-Dimensional K-Factor Analysis for V2V Radio Channels in Open Sub-urban Street Crossings  Laura Bernadó, FTW
Thomas Zemen,
Johan Karedal, Lund
Alexander Paier, VUT
Andreas Thiel, DDEE
Oliver Klemp, DDEE
Nicolai Czink, FTW
Fredrik Tufvesson, Lund
A. F. Molisch,
C.F.Mecklenbräuker, VUT
C Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Propagation Parameters Estimation 
10016 Procedure of designing the structural parameters of a spatial fading emulator  A. Yamamoto, Pana
Sakata Tsutomu, 
Pana Toshiteru Hayashi, Pana Koichi Ogawa, Pana
Kei Sakaguchi, ToTec
Jun-ichi Takada, ToTec
2.2 OTA 
10017 Efficient Provisioning of Mobile Digital Terrestrial Television Services to Vehicles with DVB-T  Jaime Lopez, UPV
Carlos Garcia, UPV
D. Gomez-Barquero, UPV Narcis Cardona, UPV 
B FEC Coding
Hybrid Cellular & Broadcast Networks
Test beds, Trials and Measurements 
10018 Effect of delay wave on MIMO OTA throughput evaluation of a handset MIMO array using a spatial fading emulator  Toshiteru Hayashi, Pana
A. Yamamoto, Pana
Sakata Tsutomu,  Pana
Koichi Ogawa, Pana
Kei Sakaguchi, ToTec
Jun-ichi Takada, ToTec
2.2 MIMO Capacity
10019 Statistics of Multipath Component Clustering in an Office Environment Emmeric Tanghe, Ugent
W. Joseph, Ugent/USTL
Martine Lienard, USTL
A. Nasr, USTL
Paul Stefanut, USTL
Luc Martens, Ugent
Pierre Degauque, USTL
2.3 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
10020 Partner Selection: Efficiency vs Fairness in Ricean Environments
Castiglione, FTW
Stefano Savazzi, PoliMi Monica Nicoli, PoliMi Gerald Matz, VUT
Ad-Hoc Networks
Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
Cross-layer Design
MAC and Routing Protocols
Radio Resource Management