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Minutes of the seventh Management Committee Meeting

COST Action 2100 – Pervasive Mobile & Ambient Wireless Communications 

Monday, February 16th, 2009 – Braunschweig, GERMANY

1.    Welcome and opening formalities

The participants of the forth MC meeting of COST Action 2100 were welcomed by Prof. Thomas Kuerner, the Local Organizer of the meeting, and Prof. Thomas Spengler, Vice-President Research at TU Braunschweig. Some information about local arrangements were provided to the audience.

From this point in time on, the plenary was chaired by the Chair of the Action, Prof. Roberto Verdone.

2.    Adoption of the agenda

The draft agenda for the seventh MC meeting was adopted without any amendments. The attendance list was circulated.

3.    Approval of the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were approved without any amendments.

4.    Status of the Action

Prof. Verdone reported to the audience the status of the Action. Up to now, the Action is composed of twenty eight signatory counties.

For what concerns non-COST countries, the fully processed applications are:

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology – Japan,
  • CRC – Canada,
  • Motorola Inc – USA,
  • University of Icesi – Colombia.

Other applications are waiting for final approval at DC:

Two new non-COST Institution applications have been received:

  • Shangai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology – China,
  • Nanyang Technological University – Singapore.

The two applications have been discussed, and the MC approved them.

According to a rule set by the MC regarding the number of TDs to be presented during an year, thirty four Institutions have been deregistered and one non-COST Institution.

All the Action Points set in the 6th MCM have been fulfilled.

5.    Initiatives – Interaction / Liaisons with other bodies

Some activities have been proposed to strengthen the interaction with other bodies:

  • a joint Workshop with COST Action ASSIST will be held on May 20th in Valencia;
  • a page under the Members’ Area of the official website of the Action has been constructed where reports from rapporteurs are publicized;
  • a very light annual report will be required by the Chair to all Institutions to collect all the contributions given during the observed year. The form will be sent on April 1st, and should be sent off by April 10th, 2009;
  • statistics about the usage of keywords are available on the Action website;
  • SIG/SWG URL webpages are hosted over the Action website;
  • an email list of contacts has been created composed of the National Ambassadors (one of the two MC Members per country). They are responsible for the spread and dissemination of Call for Papers, Workshop/Event announcement related to the Action;
  • an Action Poster is available on the Action website;
  • an issue of the COST Action 2100 Newsletter will be prepared after the end of the Meeting. The Editor of the Newsletters is Prof. Luis Correia;
  • the commercialisation of the 1st COST Action 2100 Training School video recording is now ready to start. The commercialisation of the DVD sets should be boosted by National Ambassadors, and with other actions, like for example advertising them at International Conferences.

6.    Grant Agreement and budget issues

The Chair reported that the Grant Agreement for the period July 1st, 2008 – June 30th, 2009 has been received on September 19th and signed on September 25th. An intermediate financial report has been sent by the Chair to the COST Office.

A budget increase has been provided by the COST Office to the Action. The organisation of budget has been discussed and approved by the MC according to the following table:

  • Travel costs for meetings: 102 246 €;
  • Meeting supports: 3 000 €;
  • STSMs: 12 000 €;
  • Training Schools: 56 000 €;
  • Dissemination/Publications: 6 000 €;
  • Others: 1 000 €;
  • Secretariat: 26 974 €;
  • Total: 207 221 €.

The Chair reminded that, as agreed during the previous MC Meeting, the hotel will be reimbursed according the receipt provided by each person entitled to be reimbursed, who are requested to send their travel reimbursement request before March 18th, 2009.

7.    STSMs

Four applications have been received after the last call for applications and they have been all positively evaluated and performed:

  • Jussi Poikonen, UPValencia, Spain
  • Zoran Utkovski, AAlborg Univ., Denmark
  • Ana Katalinic, Univ. of Bologna, Italy
  • Lara Traver-Sebastià, ENSTA, Paris, France

Another call has been opened, and the deadline is set at March 11th, 2009. Two proposals have been already received:

  • Jan Sykora, University of York, UK;
  • Jukka-Pekka Nuutinen, SATIMO, France.

Applications should be related to STSM should be performed before the end of May.

8.    COST2100 Newsletters

The fourth Issue has been released. The fifth issue will be released after the end of the MC Meeting.

9.    Presentation and discussion of documents

Eighty two TD number requests have been received, and seventy eight have been finally submitted. Three presentations have been given in plenary session. For all the other TD presentations, please see the minutes of each WG/SIG/SWG.

The plenary resumed at 14.00 on February 18th, 2009.

10.    Future meetings and initiatives

The Chair reminded about the organization of the joint COST2100 and ASSIST Workshop, to be held in Valencia on May 20th, 2009. Eight papers will be accepted for presentation, four from COST Action 2100 and four from COST Action ASSIST.

A full day tutorial on 3G LTE will be held in parallel to the Workshop. Participation will be allowed with no registration fee.

The Chair reported to the MC that he received several proposals for the next meetings. In particular:

  • 8th MCM:
    • Valencia, Spain, May 16th – 17th, 2009, to be organized by Prof. Narcis Cardona.
  • 9th MCM:
    • Wien, Austria, September 28th – 30th, 2009, to be organized by Prof. Christoph Mecklenbrauker;
  • 10th MCM:
    • Covilha, Portugal, Spring 2010, proposed by Prof. Fernando Velez;
    • Duhram, UK, Spring 2010 proposed by Prof. Sana Salous;
    • Athens, Greece, Spring 2010 proposed by Prof. Philip Constantinou;
  • 11th MCM:
    • Aalborg, Denmark, May – June 2010, to be organized by Prof. Gert Pedersen;
  • 12th MCM:
    • Bologna, Italy, Autumn 2010, to be organized by Prof. Roberto Verdone.

The MC voted to have the 10th MCM in Athens, possibly on February.

The Chair reminded about the organization of a COST2100 Training School on “MIMO From theory to implementation”, to be held in Paris on March 9th – 11th, 2009.

11.    Liaisons

Prof. Alain Sibille reported about Urban Planning for Radio Communications project.

Prof. Thomas Kuerner reported about Socrates project and the Joint COST2100 SWG3.1 and Socrates Workshop.

Prof. Dragana Bajic reported about Agrosense project.

12.    Reports from Group Chairs

The WG/SWG/SIG Chairs were asked to report about the activities.

Prof. Alister Burr reported about the activities carried out within WG1 (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Prof. Alain Sibille reported about the activities carried out within WG2 (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Dr. Grzegorz Adamiuk reported about the activities carried out within SWG2.1 (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Dr. Vincent Lau reported about the activities carried out within SWG2.2 (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Prof. Claude Oestges reported about the activities carried out within SWG2.3 (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Prof. Roberto Verdone reported about the activities carried out within WG3 on behalf of Prof. Narcis Cardona (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Prof. Roberto Verdone reported about the activities carried out within SIG A on behalf of Dr. Lucio Ferreira (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Dr. Peter Unger reported about the activities carried out within SIG B (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Dr. Alexander Paier reported about the activities carried out within SIG C on behalf of Prof. Christoph Meckelenbrauker (Minutes) (Attendance List).

Dr. Arie Reichman reported about the activities carried out within SIG E (Minutes) (Attendance List).

13.    AOB

The Chair reported that the paper selected for the next COST2100 Newsletter issue are: TD(09)718 and TD(09)742.

The Chair reminded the audience about the incoming CELTIC event, to be held in Paris on March 11-12, and about the NEWCOM++/ACORN workshop and Dissemination Day, to be held in Barcelona on March 30-31 & April 1, 2009. The MC agreed on letting the Chair represent the Action at next CELTIC event.

14.    Action Points

The Chair reminded the following Action Points to be fulfilled before the next meeting:

  • those entitled to, should send their reimbursement requests to the Secretary by March 18th;
  • each Group Chair should send minutes to the Chair by March 4th;
  • rapporteurs should send liaison reports to the Secretary by March 4th;
  • Working Group Chairs should send the updated list of keywords to the Chair by March 4th;
  • anyone could send proposals for tutorial to the Chair by May 4th;
  • those interested can send STSM applications (To be ended by May 30th) by March 11th;
  • attendees to the 8th MCM should register through the Action website by May 4th;
  • those interested in presenting a TD should request a TD number  through the Action website by May 4th;
  • authors should send their final TD to the Secretary by May 11th.

15.    Close of meeting

The Chair closed the meeting by thanking Prof. Thomas Kuerner for hosting the meeting and all attendees.