TD(08) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
501 A Dynamic Propagation Prediction Platform over Irregular Terrain and Buildings for Wireless Communications P.Vieira - DEETC&IST-TUL
P. Queluz - IST-TUL
A. Rodrigues - IST-TUL
Channel Modelling
Propagation Parameters Estimation
502 Quality of Experience in IEEE 802.16e
N. Veselinovic - EBIT 
X. Zhao - EBIT 
T. Casey - EBIT 
J. Nurmi - EBIT
3 Radio Resource Management
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols
Traffic & Mobility Modelling and Prediction 
503 OFDM-MFSK with Noncoherent Turbo Detection  M. Wetz - uulm 
M. A. Dangl - EADS &uulm
W. G. Teich - uulm  J. Lindner - uulm 
1 Iterative (Turbo) Techniques
Multicarrier Techniques 
504 Base Station Controlled Load Balancing with Handovers in Mobile WiMAX T. Casey - EBIT
N. Veselinovic - EBIT
R. Jäntti - TKK
3 MAC and Routing Protocols
Radio Resource Management
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols
Traffic & Mobility Modelling and Prediction
505 Approximation of WINNER Channel Models T. Jämsä - EBIT
P. Kyösti - EBIT
2.3 Channel Modelling
506 System analysis of UWB frontends J. Timmermann - UKARL
G. Adamiuk
E. Pancera - UKARL
W. Wiesbeck - UKARL
T. Zwick - UKARL
2.1  Antenna Theory/Modelling
Channel Modelling
RF System Aspects
UWB Systems
507 Diffraction and Scattering Effects of Trees and Houses on Path Loss in a Vegetated Residential Environment  S. A. Torrico - Comsea
R. H. Lang - GWU
2 Channel Modelling
Propagation Parameters Estimation
Theory of Propagation 
508 A Crosslayer System for automatic reselection between WiFi, UMTS, GPRS and WiMax  G. Tamura - Icesi
A. Navarro - Icesi
A. Millan - Uni. Cali
A. Garcia - Uni. Autonoma de Occidente 
D Cross-layer Design
Heterogeneous Networks 
509 Adaptive MIMO Transmission Scheme for BICM-OFDM Wireless Systems  D. Yao - UDE
A. Camargo - UDE
A. Czylwik - UDE 
1 Adaptive Techniques
MIMO Systems
Multicarrier Techniques 
510 Wideband MIMO Car-to-Car Radio Channel Measurements at 5.3 GHz O. Renaudin - UCL
V.M. Kolmonen - TKK
P. Vainikainen - TKK
C. Oestges - UCL
C Channel Measurements
MIMO Systems 
511 MIMO Channel Characteristics Computed with 3D Ray Tracing Model O. Stäbler - AWE
R. Hoppe - AWE
Channel Modelling
MIMO Capacity
MIMO Systems 
512 Multi-Hop Simulator for Ad-Hoc IEEE 802.11e J. M. Ferro - UBI
F. J. Velez - UBI
3 Ad-Hoc Networks
Cross-layer Design
MAC and Routing Protocols
Test beds
Trials and Measurements 
513 Information Combining for Relay Networks  S. Vorköper - UniHRO
V. Kühn - UniHRO
1 Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
Wireless Network Theory 
514 Probability Distribution and Tier Depth Analysis of HO Measurements from a Mobile Radio Network - Preliminary Results  A. Hecker - TUBS
T. Kürner - TUBS
3.1 Measurement Based Optimisation
Traffic & Mobility Modelling and Prediction 
515 Analysis of DVB-H Soft Handover Gain  G. May - TUBS
B Channel Measurements
Heterogeneous Networks
Hybrid Cellular & Broadcast Networks
Mobility Management 
516 Low-Complexity Frame Synchronization for LDPC Coded Transmission  C. Stefanovic - UniNS
D. Vukobratovic -
D. Bajic - UniNS
1 Channel Estimation/Synchronisation
LDPC Codes 
517 Requirements on Ray-Based Propagation Models for Mobile Network Planning  J. Oostveen - TNO
O. Mantel - TNO
Channel Modelling
Radio Planning
Ray Tracing/Launching 
518 Compact 3D Radiation Pattern Model for UWB Antennas  W. Dullaert - Ugent
H. Rogier - Ugent
2.1 Antenna Design
Antenna Theory/Modelling
UWB Systems 
519 Modeling angular dispersion in ray-based propagation prediction models M. Kwakkernaat - TUE
M. Herben - TUE
2 Channel Modelling
Ray Tracing/Launching 
520 Management of VoIP and Data Traffic with a Hybrid WLAN-Bluetooth Access Network  D. Perez Diaz de Cerio - UPC
J.L. Valenzuela Gonzalez - UPC
3 Heterogeneous Networks