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TDs 5th MCM - Trondheim - TD(08)521-TD(08)540


TD(08) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
521 Spatial Distortion of the Pulse Transmitted by UWB Antennas  E. Pancera - UKARL
J. Timmermann
G. Adamiuk - UKARL
T. Zwick - UKARL
W. Wiesbeck - UKARL
2.1 Antenna Measurements
UWB Systems 
522 Fading Correlation Analysis and Modeling of Propagation Channels for Front Abdomen Body Area Networks  L. Liu - UCL
P. De Doncker - ULB
C. Oestges - UCL
2 Body Area Networks 
523 CTIA Hand Phantom Development Status  P. Moller - MotoEME
2.2 Antenna Measurements 
524 Statistical antenna modelling  A. Sibille - ENSTA  2 Antenna Theory/Modelling
Channel Modelling 
525 User’s proximity effects for talk mode in mobile phones  M. Pelosi - AAL
M. B. Knudsen - IFWD
G. F. Pedersen - AAL
2.2 Antenna Near Field Effects 
526 Area Throughput for CSMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks R. Verdone - UniBO,
F. Fabbri - UniBO
C. Buratti - UniBO 
3 MAC and Routing Protocols
Wireless Sensor Networks 
527 Cross-Layer Scheduling over a Hierarchical Heterogeneous Emergency-Deployed Network V. Corvino -UniBO
A. Carniani - UniBO
R. Verdone - UniBO
3 Ad-Hoc Networks
Cross-layer Design
Heterogeneous Networks
Radio Resource Management
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols 
528 Distorting properties of pulse radiating Vivaldi antennas  G. Adamiuk - UKARL
T. Zwick - UKARL
W. Wiesbeck - UKARL
2 Antenna Measurements
Antenna Theory/Modelling
UWB Systems 
529 Multiuser diversity in channels with limited scatterers  K. Kansanen - NTNU
R. Müller - NTNU 
Channel Modelling
Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
Cross-layer Design
Radio Resource Management
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols 
530 Adaptive Multiuser OFDM Resource Allocation for mixed Constant Bit Rate and Best Effort data traffic  A. G. Gotsis - NTUA
P. Constantinou - NTUA
3 Adaptive Techniques
Radio Resource Management 
531 Measurements of an Antenna and Pulse Generator for an Ultra-Wideband Radar System  J. De Bleser - KULeuven
D. Duyck - Ugent
A. Van de Capelle -
J. Lodeweyckx - KULeuven
E. Van Lil - KULeuven
2.1 Antenna Design
Antenna Measurements
UWB Systems 
532 Taxonomies for the Classification and the Characterisation of Wireless Sensor Networks Services and Applications L. Borges - UBI
F. Velez - UBI
A. Lebres - UDR-UBI
3 Wireless Network Theory
Wireless Sensor Networks
533 Computational complexity of drop based radio channel simulation  P. Kyösti - EBIT
T. Jämsä - EBIT
A. Byman - EBIT
M. Narandzic - IlmUT
2.3 Channel Modelling 
534 The Vienna reference scenario  M. Feher - BUE
H. Bühler - BUE
A Radio Planning
Radio Resource Management
Reference Scenarios
Traffic & Mobility Modelling and Prediction 
535 A Two-Stage Approach to WLAN Planning: Detailed Performance Evaluation Along the Pareto Front  A. Eisenblätter - ZIB
H.F. Geerdes - ZIB
J. Groß - RWTH Aachen
O. Puñal - RWTH Aachen
3 Propagation Parameters Estimation
Radio Planning 
536 Automatic Modulation Classification in Application to Wireless OFDM Systems With Adaptive Modulation in TDD Mode  L. Häring - UDE
A. Czylwik - UDE
Y. Chen - UDE
1 Adaptive Techniques
Multicarrier Techniques 
537 Sensitivity of Closed-Loop MIMO to Imperfect Feedback  M. Webb - BRISTOL
M. Beach - BRISTOL
Channel Estimation/Synchronisation
Channel Modelling
MIMO Capacity
MIMO Systems
Wireless Network Theory 
538 MPE-iFEC Sliding Reed-Solomon Encoding for Streaming Services in DVB-H Systems  D. Gozalvez - UPV
D. Gomez-Barquero - UPV
N. Cardona - UPV
B FEC Coding
Hybrid Cellular & Broadcast Networks
Test beds, Trials and Measurements 
539 A study on the low sidelobe beamforming for an arbitrary array antenna  M. Ghoraishi - ToTec
J. Takada - ToTec
A. Nishihara - ToTec
T. Imai - NTT DoCoMo
2 Antenna Coupling/Array Effects
Antenna Measurements
Antenna Signal Processing
Smart Antennas 
540 Virtual MIMO in multiple high altitude platform constellations  T. Celcer - JSI
T. Javornik - JSI
M. Mohorcic - JSI
G. Kandus - JSI
1 Diversity
Virtual MIMO