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Call for Papers

COST2100 and COST IC0603 ASSIST Joint Workshop "Multiple Antenna Systems on Small Terminals"
(Small and Smart)
Valencia, Spain, May 20, 2009


Even though multiple antenna systems are known to bring about significant performance improvements in wireless communications, its implementation in small terminals involves new challenges, including strong coupling and correlation and interaction with a user. If such effects are not accounted for appropriately, one will not be able to achieve the theoretical performance gain which assumes ideal antennas. On the other hand, the design of multiple antennas for small terminals is also a relatively uncharted territory for antenna engineers in the industry. For the case of single antenna, it is sufficient to characterize antenna performance in terms of return loss, radiation efficiency and antenna gain pattern. This is not the case with multiple antennas, where the signal correlation between any pair of antennas and imbalance of overall antenna efficiencies play a vital role in determining the capacity and diversity performance of the antenna system. Moreover, rather than merely combining existing single antenna structures, the new paradigm should exploit the freedom in the design of antenna to fully realize the full potential of the multiple antenna systems. For example, modifications can be made on the antenna level to reduce coupling.

The goal of this joint COST2100-COST ASSIST Workshop is to gather researchers and industrial partners to share the latest results in the various issues of multiple antenna systems in small terminals, which represent an interdisciplinary area involving antennas and propagation, signal processing, and communications/information theory aspects. In this call, we seek full papers from COST2100 participants only. All submitted papers will go through a peer review process and accepted papers will be presented in oral sessions. A separate arrangement applies for contributions within COST ASSIST. Workshop registration can be performed on the webpages of the respective cost actions.


List of topics (not limited to)

Design of multiple antennas terminals
Multiple antennas specifications
Multiple antennas miniaturization
Multiple antennas efficiency
Multiband multiple antennas
Ultra wide band multiple antennas
Coupling vs. correlation
Decoupling techniques
Impedance matching for multiple antennas
Spatial vs. pattern vs. Polarization diversity
terminals/channels joint aspects
Modeling of multiple antenna terminals
Impact of terminals on algorithm performance
Terminals/human body interactions
Performance test methods


Important Dates

Paper submissions must follow guidelines reported here
Full Paper Submission        April 12, 2009
Acceptance Notification    April 30, 2009
Workshop Registration       May 4, 2009

Camera Ready Submission  May 11, 2009

Organizing Committees

Co-Chairs          Juan R. Mosig   
                       Roberto Verdone          
Local Organizer   Narcis Cardona
TPC                  Buon Kiong Lau (Chair)                    
                       Markus Böck (COST ASSIST Liaison)
                       Gert F. Pedersen
                       Alain Sibille