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TDs 3rd MCM - Duisburg - TD(07)300-TD(07)319

TD(07) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
Cross Layer Radio Resource Allocation for MC-CDMA with Mixed Traffic Types
V.Corvino - UniBO
V.Tralli - UniFE
R.Verdone - UniBO


Cross-layer Design
Radio Resource Management
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols
Design of Multi-Antenna Systems for UMTS Mobile Phones - Evaluation of the Diversity Performance in Different Propagation Environments
C. Luxey - UnivNice
A. Diallo - UnivNice
P. Le Thuc - UnivNice
R. Staraj - UnivNice
G. Kossiavas - UnivNice
M. Franzen - Bluetest
P.-S. Kildal - Chalmers


Antenna Coupling/Array Effects
Antenna Design
Antenna Diversity
Antenna Measurements
Experimental and Theoretical Study of a MIMO Distributed System
J.-M. Molina-Garcia-Pardo - UPCT
R. Ibernon-Fernandez - UPCT
J.-V. Rodriguez - UPCT

L. Juan-Llacer - UPCT


Channel Measurements
MIMO Capacity
MIMO Systems

First Results from Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure Radio Channel Measurements at 5.2 GHz
A. Paier - VUT
N. Czink - VUT
C. Mecklenbräuker - VUT
J. Kareda - Lund
A. Molisch - Lund
F. Tufvesson - Lund
H. Hofstetter - Mobilkom Austria AG

C. Dumard - FTW
T. Zemen - FTW

C Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
MIMO Systems
Distortion-Minimizing Network-Aware Scheduling for UMTS Video Streaming W. Karner - VUT
O. Nemethova - VUT
M. Rupp - VUT
C. Weidmann - Telecommunications Research Center Vienna
3 Cross-layer Design
Scheduling & Admission Control Protocols
Improved Technique for Estimating the Number of Paths in a Noisy Environment A. Nasr - USTL
M. Liénard - USTL
L. Pierre - USTL
2.1 Channel Estimation
Frequency Dependent Path Loss Variations in Small Area Residential LOS Environments R. Cepeda - TRL
S. Parker - TRL
M. Beach - BRISTOL
2.1 Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
UWB Systems
Typical MIMO Propagation Channels in Urban Macrocells at 2 GHz P. Pajusco - FTRD
J.-M. Conrat - FTRD
2.3 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Channel Sounding
MIMO Systems
Optical Domain Multipath Implementation for a UMTS/HSDPA Traffic Loading Platform E. Yusta - TID
P. Martínez - TID
L. Cucala García - TID
R. Gomez-Espinosa -
Hi Iberia
D. López - Hi Iberia
J. Campos - Hi Iberia
J. F. Beteta - Telefonica España
3 Channel Modelling
Radio Resource Management
Test beds
Trials and Measurements
2x2 MIMO at Variable Antenna Distances S.Caban - VUT
C. Mehlführer - VUT
1, 2

Antenna Near Field Effects
Channel Measurements
Test beds
Trials and Measurements
A Novel Approach to MIMO Transmission Using a Single RF Front End A. Kalis - Athens Information Technology
C. Papadias - Athens Information Technology
A. Kanatas - UPRC
MIMO Capacity
MIMO Systems
Investigation of the Antenna Design Impact of Eigenvector Dynamics T. W. C. Brown - UNISR
2.2 Antenna Design
MIMO Capacity
A Cross-Layer Comparison of Two Design Philosophies for Discrete-Rate Adaptive Transmission A. Gjendemsjø - EMGS
S. de la Kethulle de Ryhove - EMGS
G. E. Øien - NTNU
1 Adaptive Techniques
Policies for a Cost Function for Heterogenenous Networks Performance Evaluation A. Serrador - IST-TUL
L. M. Correia - IST-TUL
3 Heterogeneous Networks
Radio Resource Management
A Hybrid Channel Model for Ultra Wideband (UWB) Applications K. M. Nasr - BrunU
J. Cosmas - BrunU
2.1 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
UWB Systems
Channel Estimation for an Echo Canceller in DVB-T/H Single Frequency Networks K. M. Nasr - BrunU
J.Cosma - Broadreach Systems

M. Bard - Broadreach Systems
J. Gledhill - Videsco
Channel Estimation
Hybrid Cellular & Broadcast Networks
Dynamics of Spatial Eigenmodes in Measured MIMO Channels with Different Antenna Modules M. Beach - BRISTOL
M. Hunukumbure - Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd 
Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Channel Sounding
IMO Systems
Test beds
Trials and Measurements
Wireless Network Theory
Cross-Layer Issues in COST 2100 – A WG1 View A. Burr - UOY

Adaptive Techniques
Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
Cross-layer Design
Analytical Derivation of Performance of Soft-in, Soft-out Demodulation A. Burr - UOY

Iterative (Turbo) Techniques
Total Efficiency and Impedance Dynamics of Handheld Devices Influenced by Human Hand M. Pelosi - AAL
G. F. Pedersen - AAL
M. B. Knudsen - AAL

Antenna Near Field Effects
Antenna Theory/Modelling