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TDs 5th MCM - Trondheim - TD(08)541-TD(08)560


TD(08) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
541 New challenges of 400 – 1000 MHZ radio channel modelling L. Hentilä - EBIT
T. Jämsä - EBIT
J. Meinilä - EBIT
2.3 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Channel Sounding 
542 Analysis and Validation of a Shadowing Simulation Model Suited for Dynamic and Heterogeneous Wireless Networks  R. Fraile - UPM
J. F. Monserrat - UPV
N. Cardona - UPV
Channel Modelling
Propagation Parameters Estimation
Reference Scenarios 
543 Exploiting the use of MIMO in Body Area networks  C. Oliveira - IST/TUL
L.M. Correia -
2 Body Area Networks
MIMO Capacity
MIMO Systems 
544 Beacons with Rotating Beams in AoA Localization Technique for WSN  P. Kulakowski - AGH  2
Channel Modelling
Smart Antennas
Wireless Sensor Networks 
545 A Noncoherent Multiband Receiver for IEEE802.12.4a UWB Signals  K. Witrisal - TUG  1 Ad-Hoc Networks
Interference Suppression
Multiuser Detection (MUD)
UWB Systems 
546 MIMO channel modelling from a  physical layer viewpoint: desiderata and evaluation metrics  A. Burr - UOY  1
Channel Modelling
MIMO Systems 
547 Scenarios for cooperative diversity and virtual MIMO  A. Burr - UOY
Y. Deng - UOY
P. Likitthanasate - UOY
P. Mitchell - UOY
D. Grace - UOY
A Cognitive Radio
Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
Reference Scenarios
Virtual MIMO 
548 Error rate performance of the factor graph phase space CPM iterative decoder with modulo mean canonical messages  J. Sykora - CTU
P. Prochazka - CTU
1 Iterative (Turbo) Techniques 
549 Measurement Based Analysis of Gain-Diversity Tradeoff in Relay Transmission  K. Haneda - ToTec
T. Riihonen - TKK
V.M. Kolmonen - TKK
R. Wichman - TKK
P. Vainikainen - TKK
Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
Measurement Based Optimisation 
550 Hearing Aids Compliance Investigation of Mobile Terminals
I. B. Bonev - APNET/AAL
M. Christensen - MOTO/AAL
G. F. Pedersen - AAL
2.2 Antenna Design
Antenna Near Field Effects
Antenna Theory/Modelling 
551 Analysis and Measurements of the Throughput in IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks
V. Hassel - Telenor
T. Breivik - Telenor
P. E. Engelstad - Telenor L. Henden - Telenor
3 Test beds, Trials and Measurements
Wireless Network Theory 
553 Mobile multihope relaying scenarios A. Reichman - Ruppin   Other