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TDs 4th MCM - Wrocław - TD(08)401-TD(08)420

TD(08) Title Authors - Affiliations WG(s) Keyword(s)
401 Cross-Layer Scheduling for Multiple Video Streams over a Hierarchical Emergency-Deployed Network
V. Corvino - UniBO
V. Tralli -
R. Verdone - UniBO
D Ad hoc networks
Cross-layer design
Scheduling and admission control

402 MIMO Communication With a Single RF Front End and Limited Channel Information V. Barousis - UPRC
A. G. Kanatas - UPRC
A. Kalis - NTUA
C. Papadias - NTUA
2.2 Adaptive Techniques
MIMO Capacity
MIMO Systems
403 Statistical Experimental Characterization of Indoor Radio Wave Propagation in an Office Environment L. R. Arnaut - NPL
T. H. Loh - NPL
B. O. Peters - TUBS
Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
Reference Scenarios
Theory of Propagation
404 Impact of MIMO Systems on CRRM in Heterogeneous Networks A. Serrador - IST-TUL
L. M. Correia - IST-TUL
3 Heterogeneous Networks
MIMO Capacity
Radio Resource Management
405 The COST 273 MIMO Channel Model - A Short Tutorial  N. Czink - FTW&VUT
C. Oestges - UCL
2.3 Channel Modelling 
406 Polarization Behavior in urban macrocell environments at 2.2 GHz  A. Dunand - FTRD
J. M. Conrat - FTRD
2.3 Channel Measurements
Channel Modelling
Channel Sounding
407 Real-time Multi-user MIMO Channel Sounding and Capacity Evaluations F. Kaltenberger- Eurecom
R. Knopp -
M. Kountouris - Eurecom
D. Gesbert - Eurecom
2 Channel Measurements
Channel Sounding
MIMO Systems
Test beds
Trials and Measurements
408 On the Use of a Lower Frequency in Finite-Difference Simulations for Urban Radio Coverage
A. Valcarce - UoB
G. De La Roche - UoB
J. Zhang - UoB
2 Channel Modelling
Radio Planning
Reference Scenarios
Theory of Propagation
409 QoS Performance Evaluation of a WLAN MESH versus a WIMAX Network for an isolated village scenario
L. Ferreira - IST-TUL
L. Caeiro -
M. Ferreira -
M. S. Nunes -
3 Ad-Hoc Networks
Radio Resource Management 
410 Study on the Automated Tuning of HSDPA Code Allocation  M. Garcia-Lozano - UPC
S. Ruiz - UPC
3.1 Adaptive Techniques
Dynamic Network Reconfigurability
Measurement Based Optimisation
Radio Planning
Radio Resource Management
411 Scatterer Detection by Successive Cancellation for UWB - Method and Experimental Verification  T. Santos - Lund
J. Karedal - Lund
P. Almers - Lund
F. Tufvesson - Lund
A. F. Molisch - Lund
2.1 Antenna Measurements
Channel Modelling
UWB Systems 
412 Analysis of macrocellular and microcellular coverage
M. Barbiroli - UniBO
C. Carciofi - FUB
P. Grazioso - FUB
D. Guiducci - FUB
C. Zaniboni - WiFut
3 Radio Planning
413 Impact of mutual coupling on MIMO channel modelling  C. Pereira - UniPo, ENSTB
F. Lepennec - ENSTB
Y. Pousset - UniPo
R. Vauzelle - UniPo
2.2 Channel Modelling
Ray Tracing/Launching
414 Modelling the Relative MIMO Gain
M. Kuipers - IST-TUL
L. M. Correia - IST-TUL
2 MIMO Capacity 
415 Initial Measurements of Compact MIMO Antenna Designs for Indoor WLAN
T. Brown - UNISR  2.2 Antenna Design
Antenna Diversity
Antenna Measurements
MIMO Capacity 
416 Capacity Optimization for UMTS: Bounds on Expected Interference
A. Eisenblätter - ZIB
H. F. Geerdes - ZIB
3 Radio Planning 
417 E-MORANS Scenarios  A. Serrador - IST-TUL
L. Ferreira - IST-TUL
L. M. Correia - IST-TUL
A Reference Scenarios 
418 MIMO Channel ESPRIT-Based Predictor Using Limited Feedback Load J. Vanderpypen - FUNDP
L. Schumacher - FUNDP
2 MIMO Systems
419 Selective decode-and-forward in practical wireless systems  U. Schatzberg - TAU
O. Amrani - TAU
A. Reichman - Ruppin
1 Cooperative Diversity/Relaying
420 An Algorithm for Locating Point Scatterers Using a Wide-Band Network
M. Rydström - Chalmers
E.G. Ström - Chalmers
A. Svensson -
L. Reggiani - Polimi
Channel Sounding
Ray Tracing/Launching
UWB Systems
Wireless Sensor Networks